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Leisure Transportation

Don’t miss the chance to add a little bit of glamour to your time off – book Icon chauffered services for the best leisure experience.

Use Icon chauffered services in your downtime to turn a lovely experience into an enchanting one. Any fun activity will be much more interesting and pleasant if you have a capable driver in a fancy car by your side. Just think of the possibilities!

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See the city properly

No place is too difficult to get to and nothing is out of reach for our efficient and polite drivers who know Miami like the back of their hand. Create your route, make your plans, then let us know – and our service will give you the polished and care-free experience you always hoped for but never thought was possible to achieve. Our team is looking forward to being a part of your day and helping you optimize the use of your precious free time.

Go shopping, sightseeing, go restaurant-hunting or do anything else you find attractive enough to make your leisure pallete, but make sure you include Icon chauffered services in the experience. Why? Because by doing so, you’ll not only get a reliable partner in crime for your deserved whimsies but also a trustworthy team making your limo transportation expectations see the light of the day.

Have a blast out

Paint the town red knowing that, when the night is over, you will get to sit back and relax in a luxurious, secure and spotless vehicle that you pre-arranged. The royal treatment you know you deserve is just a click or a call away. Our team of professionals in customer care is eager to assist you any way they can; after all, making sure you take advantage of all the benefits Icon chauffered services offers to our clients is one of our primary goals. Your wish is our demand.

Anywhere you want to go, Icon chauffered services will take you in the most comfortable manner, making sure you don’t waste a second of your time!

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